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October 2013 - using tripods for the first time
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October 2014 - tripods are taller and so is Leo !
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April 2015 - leaving Crumlin Hospital
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In 2015 Leo was finding it increasingly painful to move. It was advised that he needed reconstruction of his right hip, releases of his adductor, psoas and hamstring muscles. He spent 8 weeks in a bachelor cast. They were long difficult weeks, and put a great strain on Leo. As someone who is used to being self-reliant and independent, as far as possible, he relied totally on everyone around him for every movement and need. At last ‘castoff’ - or, as Leo called it - ‘blast-off’ day arrived!
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The Rehabilitation Route

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When most of us would have resorted to expletives with the intense pain, swear words are not in Leo’s vocabulary. Mum did allow “poo-pants’ when the going got tough!
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August 2015 saw Leo’s first trip to SDR Fitness Wales with Mark Shane Harries. It was a revelation and did so much to raise Leo’s spirits and confidence. It gives a whole new dimension to the value of intelligent exercise.
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With Daniela it’s always fun - but there’s always plenty of seriously hard work to do too.
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In September 2015 it was heartbreaking to find that Leo needed yet more surgery, but despite it all, he’s still smiling…
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Back home again from Crumlin. This time only one cast.
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Getting some fresh air was good too.
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Friends and Minecraft made things easier.