It’s hard to believe that more than 3 years has passed since our fundraising campaign for Leo in October 2012. Words cannot express our gratitude and thanks to all of you who showed us such kindness and support then and continue to support us, following Leo’s progress with solicitude and encouragement. Leo came home after his surgery at the Frenchay Hospital, Bristol in March 2013. His long rehabilitation journey began and despite many heartbreaking setbacks and disappointments, he continues to show amazing resilience and courage in situations that surely would have broken many of us. It is largely because of your generosity that we have been able to face the financial realities of his ongoing treatment and care with a sense of security and confidence.
Leo’s 3 and 6 monthly follow-up visits to Bristol following his initial surgery showed enormous improvement in both his posture, mobility and control. Sadly, unforeseen developments, not associated with this surgery, became apparent in 2014 resulting in further major surgery and more surgery again in 2015. These setbacks greatly impeded Leo’s progress, meant long periods out of school causing him to become very downhearted and discouraged. After a long and painful rehabilitation programme, he was able to return to school in September 2015 and is gradually re-building his strength, confidence and determination once more.

Then and Now

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March 2013 - before Leo’s SDR surgery in Bristol. At this time he could not stand without support and wore leg splints night and day. He could walk a few steps with the aide of his walker, but tired very quickly. He was often in pain from his unyielding joints.
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January 2016 - trying out a new “pommel” wheelchair. Leo is slowly learning to stand unaided and is confident he will take his first steps soon. He is now a lively and articulate 7 year old, always smiling, with a great sense of humour, an avid interest in science and with ambitions to be an inventor.